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Face Mask Machine suppliers

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BSP-R100 High Speed Face Mask Producing Machine
A.Working Process锛?/strong>
鈼?Fabric Feeding
鈼?Nose wire Feeding
鈼?Edge Folding
鈼?Ultrasonic Horizontal Welding
鈼?Pressing And Conveying
鈼?Three Layer Folding
鈼?Ultrasonic Vertical Welding
鈼?Electrostatic Elimination
鈼?Conveyor Belt Outcome
鈼?Delivering Automatically To The Mask Blank Feeding Conveying Belt Of The Ear-loop Sealing Machine
鈼?Ear-loop Automatic Feeding
鈼?Ultrasonic Welding For Ear-loop
鈼?Outcome Product Stacking
鈼?Conveyor belt Outcome
B.Machine Dimensions:
C.Technical Parameters:
1. Structure material (frame): Steel frame and aluminum alloy.
2. Tension control device for material feeding.
3. Stop alarm device for emergency or no material
4. Control panel: Touch screen interface
5. Driving: Servo motor
6. Control: PLC
7. Pneumatic parts: Airtac .
8. Parts treatment: Blackening for aluminum parts and Nickel Plating for iron parts
9.Sealing method: by ultrasonic
10. Static Electrification System.
11.Air compressor required: 8kg (Air-compressor supplied by buyer).
12.Power source: 220V, 50/60Hz, 1P
13.Capacity锛?00-120 Pcs/min
14.Finished product size:175 mm脳95 mm
D.Product picture:Face Mask Machine suppliers

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