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Bhaskar Rao

Regarding My H1B Stamped

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I had H1B stamped in 2006 from India and stayed in US from Feb 2007 to May 2007 (where my visa got stamped on my old passport valid from Oct 2006 to Feb 2009) and return back to india on personal work and didn't return to US till date. Please let me know how to utilize remaining period of my H1B for unused period. This petition was filed by my previous employer and joined new employer thereafter. While relieving that previous employer they have collected my H1B petition papers and got relieved. Now, I can see the status on USCIS as"Case Was Approved And USCIS Notified The U.S. Consulate or Port of Entry". Please clarify and confirm on next possibility I can reuse this again.

I have only passport as proof with visa stamped as proof. 

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Can anyone clarify this above query, what is the next process:


  1. Can I reuse the remaining unused period of 5 year 9 month on my H1B petition approved? If yes, can I get the H1B transfer for next stamping process?
  2. How can I get the duplicate copy of My I-797 (first page of my H1B.

Please clarify.

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Yes, you can use the period and you need an new H1B. If the previous H1B is still valid and your employer can offer a job, you can use the old H1B for Stamping. Please read the following articles for more information.


To obtain copies https://immisupport.com/files/file/5-foia-request-to-obtain-copies-of-immigration-records/



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