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  1. Need a help. I had my H1b and finished 6 yrs. employer filed i140 and it got approved but extension denied. I am in India for 2 yrs now. In order to apply for H1b should I need to go to lottery again or it can be applied without lottery? Pls advise any perfect information.
  2. Current situation- H1B 60 day grace period (from april1) I94 valid until oct 2022 If two employers file for H1 transfer based on previous i797 Apoorval and I start working for employerA on receipt notice, after few weeks I switch to employer B on his receipt notice, and then employer A petition gets approved but I no longer working with them what will happen to employer B petition ? Does it have any effect on employer B petition ? - Thanks
  3. I lost my job and I am on grace period and I am in the process of getting a full time job but i am not sure if they can file my H1 transfer within the 60 day grace period. I spoke to a consultancy and they are ready to file a transfer while i look for a full time job. My question is if the consultancy (company A) files for H1 transfer in 60 day grace period and during processing/RFE status, if I get a full time job with company B and they file another H1 transfer but AFTER my 60 day grace period with pay stubs from company A, will I still be considered in status or will it cause issues
  4. Hello friends I need suggestion on my case : I filed for my h1b extension in October 2019 Got rfe in April ( last month) Since premium processing is closed any idea how long it takes to get response on my case . I responded on April 30 My case is filed in Texas centre . I heard that if it’s 6 year extension it takes more time to hear back than 3 year extension. Is that true .
  5. One of mine friend his I-140 Approved 2 years before.He got rejection in his H1B extension. He is in USA from last 7-8 years. What are the options he has? please suggest. I guess any employer can file his H1B This would be cap exemp. Once he got his H1B approve he can come back again please suggest some thoughts.Thx
  6. Scenario- Switching Job when H1B is approved but H4/H4EAD is still in processing for current H1B extension Working for Company A , who filled H1B extension along with H4/H4EAD(First time EAD). H1B is approved 5 days back but H4/H4EAD is still in process. Questions 1 - Can I switch to Company B when H4/H4EAD is in process? I-94 was expired on 3rd Jan,2020 for all of us but as my H1B is approved, I received new I-94. 2. What impact would it have on current H4/H4 EAD processing after I resign from my current Company? Shall I wait for H4/H4EAD to be approved or good to join Company B based on approved H1B? Company B filling H4/H4EAD along with my H1B Transfer. Kindly provide your valuable inputs so that I can take correct decision. Many Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, I have a question. I recently got my H1B approved, after getting a RFE, my H1B approval date was 4/24/2020 and my employer had me start on 5/4/2020. And now, it has come to my attention that I have to move close to my work location and be in the area where my LCA was filed. I live in NJ and my employer is in CA. With the coronavirus thing going on, I am working from home and so is everyone else in my team. So, do I even have to move now? Also, how early do I have to move to CA? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, I am in a complicated situation and any help/ advice is appreciated. My H1b got approved in june 2019 for the period od 3 yearsa starting from Oct 2019. I was working with EVC model at end client location. In jan 2020 I came to India for a vacation and stamping. Due to in availability of end client letter, i got refused in stamping. My concern if I resign my job with current employer and if he revoke my H1B and I got some new offer and they are ready to sponser. So I can apply for h1 transfer or I have to go through fresh H1b process. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, Can you please tell if H1b Ammendment / any other paperwork is required if the new client's location is in the same MSA (i.e within 50 miles of the earlier client's location). Your help will be much thankful
  10. Hello everyone, I am in a complicated situation and any help/ advice is appreciated. I am a construction manager working full time. I am working on my H1B visa since oct 19.I got my H1B stamped in January from India. On 4th April, I lost my father and since then I’ve been trying to get a flight back but not able to because of the lockdown. I expect it to be in June now. My immigration lawyer told me that I can travel and get back for any agreed duration from my employer. I am in good terms with my employer but in this uncertain situation my present employer is not able to give me a leave of absence over 2 weeks and said I would have to resign in that case. I won’t make it back to US in 2 weeks even if I try because of the quarantine and flight situation. I am still working with my company, but when I go back to india.. can I still find an employer in US ? If possible how does the visa process go? Do I have to apply for H1B again or apply for H1B transfer? Can I travel to US in the grace period time? Or does it end when I leave the country? Are there companies/ consultants/ staffing that can help me in this situation? Where I can initiate H1B transfer and travel on receipt.? I have to go back to India and get back after taking care of everything. Also bring my mom if everything is fine and I have a job. I don’t see that happening if I resign my present company. I want to keep my options open before I give up on any thought. I am not sure who to approach, any advice is helpful. Thank you
  11. Hello Everyone, hope your are all home bound and well. I have a question on behalf of a friend: His H1B is set to expire August 1st 2020 and he is eligible for an extension. He already submitted all his docs to the attorney (Fragomen) in January itself, but due to covid 19 delays, it looks like Fragomen has still not filed the extension application. He is quite worried that the deadline is passed and the window for applying is continually shrinking, with minimal response from the attorney to the flurry of concerned emails sent. He has done his part by February itself and that is the suckiest part. I would like to know if anyone (or someone you know of) else is on the same boat and what should be done in this case? Any ideas/suggestions/comforting recent news on deadline extensions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ranjith
  12. My L1 is going to expire in June 2020, my H1 was picked last year but i hadn’t got the status changed yet. Can i get the change of status without leaving US now because traveling is out of question. How much time will that process take of submitting that petition for change of status and getting the result back?
  13. Hi Everyone , I received my H1B last year for until 2022 and lately I came to India for vacation and unfortunately after my finger prints Consulate has been closed due to corona pandemic and visa my interview has been cancelled , Currently am in a pressured state to see where I stand. I'd admire if anyone might throw a light right here Should I be worried? When I see few rumours saying new H1b's will no longer be allowed would I fall below new H1 category since that my H1b hasn't been stamped yet. Thanks in Advance
  14. My H1B transfer is in RFE Status and my previous employer revoked my H1B. Due to Covid, project is also wrapped up. Now we are unable to respond to RFE. What are options I have.
  15. Hi everyone, I received my H1B extension approval notice (i797) and I see that the middle name is duplicated in the beneficiary placeholder so instead of LASTNAME FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME it is LASTNAME FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME MIDDLENAME My attorney has already raised a service request to USCIS but it looks like the mistake was from my attorney where she entered my middle name twice on in the Given Name field and in the Middle name field in form i 129 The spellings are correct and my given name as per passport is FirstName Middle Name Would it create problem when I travel outside or during my next extensions? Also since it's a mistake from my attorneys will the service request create any problems ?
  16. Hi, Current Visa Status: H1B with I-140. Subject: I am working in Company X as a contractor through Company Y. Company Y Holds my H1B Visa (Consulting company). Company X offerer Full Time to me and we almost ready to start the transfer process. But, Company X Hiring manager informed me that, If the H1B transfer denied - I need to quit the job on the same day. Is this true? or I can continue to work for Company X as a contractor? They gave another Option - My Full-Time salary with benefits and my Current Contrat pay is somehow matching (Few hundred dollars difference only). Company X is Okay to continue as a Contractor for the Long term. Please suggest which option is good for me at this time?
  17. Did any one got receipt notice from Nebraska centre filed after 25th April. My extension case with same employer was filed on 27th April and I can check from Fedex it’s received on 28th April. But as of today 12th May, didn’t get receipt notice yet.
  18. Hello all, I’m apply for H1B cap 2021. In having undergraduration in Mathematics and Master’s in Computer Applications. I’m submitting transcripts for both Degrees. Also I’ve 11years experience in software development. My MCA papers are related mostly to the proposed role in U.S. I’m yet to file the petition. What are my chances to avoid RFE and get the visa? Can I submit any other documents to prove my educational credentials for speciality occupation? Thanks
  19. Has anyone received an H1b receipt number? Company X filed my friends H1b Transfer on premium. According o USPS tracking number and transfer document is reached on March 19 2020 at Laguna Niquel CA. Until now not yet received the Receipt number or approval. Is it normal or anybody have similar experience.
  20. My I94 expired on Oct 6, 2019. I applied for extension on Sept, my doc reqched them on Oct 1. They gave me rfe on Feb. I replied them on April 6. They confirmed they recieved the document. After april 6 till now I have not heard anything. I raised out of processing time request but the status of that says not picked up for processing. My 240 days after I94 expires on June 2. What can I do to expedite my processing?
  21. Hi All, I am currently working as a Senior BI Consultant and my H1B extension is in process. I need suggestions as to how i can extend my stay in United States if my H1B extension gets rejected. I have only used 1.5 years on my H1B. Current situation - I received RFE on my application and will be submitting my documents in the last week of May’2020. Since in the RFE i was asked for a client letter but my client has a policy where they do not issue client letters, the chances of denial are high as per my attorney. Now that i have less than a month before i get the extension result i am looking for further options to stay here. I directly travelled on H1B and haven’t taken up any courses as yet. I am open to getting an MBA, Masters or a Phd. My current designation is that of a Senior BI Consultant and am open to pursue something outside of it as long as i get a job. Lastly, what are my options if my H1B gets denied with my current employer? Can i still apply for transfer with another client, given that i have only used 1.5 years on my H1B. Has anyone transferred their H1B after it got denied? (My i94 has expired already so I understand I’ll have to go back to India and then return if the extension gets rejected). Is there a way i do not have to go back but can have a Plan B incase my Visa gets rejected? If anyone has been in a similar situation please share your thoughts. I just want to be prepared to either study further or look for other clients if my extension gets denied. Thanks and looking forward to suggestions.
  22. Hi all, I am a full time employee with same company since 6+ years and this is my 3rd H1 stamping (extension) with the same employer (never had any issues with dropbox). I should be eligible for the dropbox but the system didn't prompt me with dropbox eligibility questions. Instead the system is asking me to schedule an OFC appointment! Been trying since a month. And no dates in Mumbai until Feb 2021. And the earliest for other cities is September, October 2020. So I had to book two appointments - 1. In Chennai on Sep 30th and 2. Oct 6 Mumbai. I live in Mumbai. Questions- 1) Why am I not receiving the interview waiver questions/drop-box option and confirmation? Should I redo and repay the fees? 2) Why are there no available dates until October? Do you think all of this will refresh once the consulates open? Please advise. Thanks!
  23. Hi, my company applied for my H1B transfer for a Product Manager role. However LCA does not have a 'Product Manager' occupation title. Hence they listed the LCA under 'Marketing Manager'. I have received an RFE, since as per USCIS -Marketing Manager position does not come under 'Specialty Occupation' and need not require a degree. Has anyone come across such a situation? Or has anyone transferred for an H1B for a Product Manager role and if so, do you know the LCA role you applied under? Would appreciate some help here!
  24. Hi, my H1B is expiring in next month and I140 is in process of submission. Would like to check any suggestions /options available to continue my stay here or is going back to India is the only option?
  25. Filed an H1B extension(Recapture till April 26) on Oct 28, 2019 when Perm was Pending , Received RFE on Jan. still the H1B Extension status is pending. But Perm got approved in Nov 15, 2019 and I140 on Jan 7. Since I 140 got Approved another H1b was applied on April 23. which is in now under processing. First application status is not know but the Date is crossed April 26, But second extension is filed. Will the first extension be considered or will it become void as second ext is filed?
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