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  1. My H1B Transfer was Denied. So my employer immediately filed H1B on I-140 which got approved and I got I797B. Now I need to visit India to get my visa stamped. I have below questions 1. When I consulted with my employer about my status, they said I am legally allowed to work until 180 days in US because my H1B (on I140) was filled immediately after denial. Is that correct? Note: i94 is expired too 2. While filling DS-160, I came across below question. What should be the answer to this questions? Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa?
  2. Filed H1B for my wife for this year and it got picked in lottery. She was working in H4-EAD and unfortunately her project got ended on may31. If an RFE comes, at that time she should work for the same client through the same vendor or she can work with different vendor too? Because chances of getting the project with the same client a new vendor is possible but not with the vendor whom we filed the VISA. Please advice...🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  3. The client letter says the duration is upto 36 months where as the prime vendor letter says 12/31/2019 with possible extensions Wanted to check if there would be any issues during h1 extension I am working in EVVC model Kindly help ...as my extension is due soon
  4. Hi ,my visa stamping was expired on 2017 August.but now i have valid approved petition till 2020 . Recently I renewed my daughter's Indian passport in USA before it expires. My gc is initiated and does her passport makes any issues like out of status. Please clarify . Thanks in advance .
  5. Hi..I have i140 approved from my current company and they are changing my location. I am moving to a different state. Do I need amendment? If yes, can that be filled under premium processing? Does it impact my i140 etc?
  6. Thanks for the response. When they say ‘Indicated in i-94, does it mean exp. date on H1 or F1?
  7. my H1B amendment petition was recently denied without mentioning the proper reason( please see the below screenshot). I came to US on F1 initially on 01/2015 and H1B got approved on 02/2018 right after I had applied for amendment and received RFE on 03/2019 then we responded and received denial notice on 05/2019. Can you suggest me what option do I have now based on the USCIS response? Thank you very much for your time.
  8. Hi..my employer is not giving the latest H1b approved copy.previously I have visa up to 2020 july.recently did amendment and got approved up to 2019 july. To change employer do I need the latest H1b copy.If yes what is the alternate?Can some one please suggest me
  9. Anonymous

    I-140 in premium

    My employer has sent my information to the company attorney for Prevailing wage determination in the mid of April and then will send he same to USCIS. for LCA approval. Can anyone please let me know how much time is needed in all these process and can I file for I140 in premium once the LCA is approved
  10. If 6 years completed and I -140 approved. Can we apply for H1B extension in cap exempt??
  11. My H1B amendment applied on normal process, mean while if get any other job with H1B transfer with premium what will be the the scenario?
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to get your advice on a matter related to H4 Ead. I just completed my Masters from a reputed university on my H4 Visa as I already had a Ead, hence didn’t switch to F1. My ead expires in May 2020. I plan on applying for renewal in December. Now I am in a dilemma as I am faced with two job options. Job A: is a small 8 people for profit consulting firm who is willing to apply for H1b lottery in April next year. Their pay is good and they are fein registered as well as being e-verified. But it’s a small firm and have never before applied for anyone’s H1b. Job B: is a ‘not for profit’ big firm and well recognised. Pay is very less but being ‘not for profit’, they are capexempt and can apply for H1b anytime. But I will get stuck in the ‘not for profit category’ as their H1b is different. I have to accept one of them and need some advice for the same. I am worried to take the not for profit and miss my chance of a H1b lottery, also given that I may get a renewal I may have more options and can earn good money. But I am worried that if they come up with a h4 Ead revoke rule before my December renewal then I will be in a soup. And without renewal I will only get one attempt at the H1B lottery . So what would you all do or advice ?
  13. Hi, Any idea how the USCIS officer visit in work location works if the employee is on Lop due to 240 days completion.Have submitted the rfe documents in premium last week.TIA🙏🏽
  14. My petition transfer with company B is in progress and got RFE. However Her current Employer visa/stamped passport and I-94 is valid till mid fo Aug-2019.But She need to travel India due to personal emergency with current employer I797 as still she working for currently employed only(EV modal).Is there any risk to travle India in this this situation.Please advise if any complications?
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