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  1. My husband filed PP of H1B transfer on 24th June and the status shows 15 days clock started on 24th June. Received receipt next day by email from his employer. And today he received email from USCIS stating we are still reviewing you case and there are no updates at this time. By when can we expect reply from USCIS. Want to understand HOW 15 days clock work? as per USCIS website it shows 15 days calendar days. Thank you in advance and need good wishes.
  2. Hello, I have a question about DS-160. Working in Employer->Vendor->Client Model. In the last section, Temporary Work Visa Information, there is a section "Where do you intend to work?" Name of Employer: I am providing my employer information. Street Address: Should I provide EMPLOYER ADDRESS or END CLIENT ADDRESS? Phone Number: Should I provide EMPLOYER PHONE or END CLIENT PHONE?
  3. my 2018’s H1 B denied after an RFE in the month of February’19, (I got RFE on speciality occupation and Emp-Emp relationship). I asked my employer to file a MTR to reopen my case. They said they filed it. My employer is not providing me the case number. Any one has got more idea/previous experience on MTR - motion to reopen ? Will Uscis provide a new case number or How long it takes to get a final verdict ? Thanks in advance.
  4. I joined a staffing firm 'A' last year 20 Apr 2018. Got RFE on 28 Jan 2019. RFE responded 26 Apr 2019 with client letter and other docs. Still awaiting results. My previous i94 was expiring on 25 may 2019. I got 2 offers and since i94 was expiring both filed my new transfer on previous receipt before 25 May 2019 (I-94 expiry). 1st company 'B' filed in premium and I joined this 3 jun 2019 (by resigning in previous staffing 'A'). Same Evening they told me they lost the client Account and don't have Sow or any docs further. on 5th June 2019 I got RFE on same asking SOW and other docs along with specialty occupation. Their immigration team is saying we dont have any client docs and SOW now. Hence 99% this will be rejected after RFE response. They are ready to send me to India in next 10 days. They(company B) have submitted I-9 to USCIS. They are not ready to file amendment for another new client. Q1) Now is there any possibility i can Join 2nd offer (company C) who also filed transfer on receipt before i-94 expiry? I pushed them for premium on 12 June 2019. Got rfe on 18 June 2019 for Education Evaluation, Pending Application, Maintenance of status. Q2) Do I need to tell Company C about fiasco of joining company B. Asking this because I do not want to be Out of status or into any unlawful overstay. There was no gap from A->B. Also I will make sure that there is no gap in B->C. Q3) C got RFE on 18 June, is it still legal to join them and wait for result. Q4) Company A's result which is still pending from 14 months can impact Company C's result ? I am expecting Company A's result by 30th June as it will be
  5. My H1B extension + amendment is in pending state since July 3 2018, and my I-94 got expired on Aug 12 2018. In case, if my H1B extension gets denied, will I be under unlawful presence from the date of denial or date of my I-94 expiration?? Any one in same boat ?? As it is amendment + extension my attorney told I can work beyond 240 days. And on May 3 I got an RFE for specialty occupation, right of control and RFE requests the consulate, port-of-entry, or pre-flight inspection through which the beneficiary would wish to travel. I am in dilemma if I need to update to PP while responding RFE, any suggestions.
  6. My friend got an Approval until 2021 for his H1 extension. Now he changed the role and got RFE. What happens if this role change petition got rejected. Can he work on old role with old approved petition?
  7. You should count from the Receipt date and not from the notice date.
  8. Hi...my L2 EAD receipt date 28th Mar & notice date 27th April at Vermont. Will USCIS consider RD or ND in processing queue? And by when can I expect approval? I guess early Feb currently being approved. Kindly assist..
  9. My amendment has been approved till April 07 2020. But my previously approved extension petition is valid only until September 07 2019. In this case Can I stay will the end date in approved amendment ? And then raise extension later this year ? I have spent only 3 years on h1b till now.
  10. Is there a way to expedite the H4 and H4 EAD process? In spite of filing h1 with premium processing and being approved the H4 and H4 ead no progress for almost 3 months now .. please let us know anyway to expedite the process . Thanks
  11. Shall I move to different employer in this stage? Can they file H1 n H4 transfer at this stage
  12. Got H4 receipt notice in my mailbox.. not yet received one
  13. Filed June 19th in Premium Processing
  14. Guys.. I filed H1 n H4 extension.. H1 got approved.. H4 status is still showing case received.. Do we need to do biometric to get H4 approved??
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