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  1. Hi, Currently on H1BWorking for company-a now and moving to company-b. Company-b field h1b transfer . My doubt is : I have filed H4 along with h1b transfer , what if I don’t join company-b after giving bio metrics for H4 ?? Will there be any impact for my dependent if I don’t join company-b after giving bio metrics ? After giving bio metrics for H4 for company-b and if it’s get rfe and I don’t join company-b what’s d impact ! ? What if company-b h1b gets denied after giving H4 bio metrics and I stick to company-a , will there be any impact for H4 in this situation ! ? Please let me know... TIA !
  2. Hi , My i-140 got approved and got the soft copy from my employer but online it still shows the status as "Case Received" ? why is it so ? where can i check the right status of i-140 online ?
  3. Hi, My friend is facing the below situataion. How long we need to stick to the employer after i-140 approval ? is it safe to stay for six months at least ? if a person don't stay for six months what are the possible issues ? Thanks in Advance,
  4. Does company-b has to start filing the GC before joining or its ok to start any time after joining ? what would be d impact if they take some time and do it later ? Please let me know
  5. Hi, I am working for Company-A and my I-140 got approved a month before. now moving to company-B. when i move to company-B do they need to start my GC from the start if yes what all things they need to do before i join Company-B like (labor filing etc )? Will the company-A have the rights to cancel my i-140 because i am changing before 6months ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  6. Hi, Really thanks for providing the details. Financial solvency letter can be from CA/Lawyer too right ? can you provide us an example of the document, so we can get one from the lawyer. Thanks a lot for all the help
  7. All, I am sponsoring B2 (Visiting/Touristic visa) to my parents. if anyone sponsored recently, i would like to know what all documents needed from the sponsor and what all documents required from the parents ? Any help would be appreciated ? Thanks in Advance
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