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  1. Pls. help how do I tackle this ,Got following RFE:- (1) USCIS is requesting evidence to prove that the offered position qualifies as a specialty occupation. ***CRITICAL***. Please describe ALL of the Associate's job duties for the Architect (Computer Systems Engineers / Architects, 15-1199) position in detail, with specific attention to the percentage of time spent performing each duty. Provide a complete list of various software tools, languages and technologies used to perform the job duties. Provide a detailed description of the Company project, and explain what the associate's role within the project will be. Provide examples of Company job postings for similar positions as evidence that Company requires a minimum of a Bachelor's degree for the Computer Systems Engineer position. (2) USCIS is requesting additional evidence to demonstrate that a valid employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary exists for the duration of the H-1B validity period (10/01/2012-09/30/2015). • Valid and Signed MSA • Valid and Signed SOW • Milestone Plans • Purchase Orders • Invoices/Payment Advices • Organizational Chart for the U.S. project showing the associate's Company reporting hierarchy • Associate's Offer Letter and Terms of Employment, Benefits Summary, and any Promotion or Salary Letters • Full U.S. contact information and email address for the associate's supervisor at the U.S. project location Please help me out in preparing the job duties for the Architect position need your suggestions on how to draft it. I have master degree in CS, have 8+ years of experience. thanks
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