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  1. Yes, amendment is independence of Amendment. You may file an H1B Amendment, and go for stamping using the Amended/Approved H1B to the consulate at anytime even before October 01. If visa is granted prior to October 01, it will be valid from September 20 (10 days early)
  2. Sometimes the USCIS website does not update, and there is no other method to confirm online. You may do a conference call with your Employer and USCIS to validate. Only the employer/petitioner can call for the I140 case.
  3. You must fill h1b employer information, it's never client name. If you do so, you will break the employer-employee relationship regulation with your H1B employer.
  4. H1B Organizational Chart Template Editable View File This is a .PPTX file for creating a H1B Organizational Chart, please edit as necessary and save as PDF. Submitter Hire IT People, Inc Submitted 07/11/2019 Category H1B/H4 Visa General Templates (RFEs)  
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    This is a .PPTX file for creating a H1B Organizational Chart, please edit as necessary and save as PDF.
  6. They will adjudicate the case in 15 calendar days for sure, calculate from the day they actually received the RFE response package and not from the date it was updated on the USCIS site. If the case is denied, sometimes it may not get updated online. Check with the Employer/Attorney ASAP as it looks like its 15+ Days. If the case is not adjudicated in 15 days, USCIS is required to refund the Premium Processing fee
  7. You should always provide H1B Employer Address and Phone number as they are the petitioner not the Client or Vendor!
  8. Go back up to December 2015 you should be good!
  9. Read the above article and request employer. 1. Letter sent to USCIS when they filed the H1B petition 2. Check with your employer for the State UI Returns
  10. To avoid delays, please ensure a notification is sent to the appropriate consulate.
  11. Carry the original I797 for the present H1B, and keep copies of older H1Bs with you, to stay safe. 1. Copy of the I129 2. LCA 3. USCIS cover letter 4. Offer Letter 5. Pay stubs (6 Months or all recent, if already on H1B) 6. Personal W2s and Tax returns (if any) 7. If not on H1B, proof of maintenance of status for your present status 8. Employer Unemployment Reports for the State where you will work 9. All educational documents 10. Client letter (consulting positions) Don't forget your Passport. 🙂
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