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  1. If I choose to go with new employer will the petition comes under Transfer ?
  2. My H1B got denied and I went back to India. I have 3 1/2 year of my H1B period remaining out of 6 years. My question is 1) I can file for extension with the same employer or I can do a transfer with the different employer correct? 2)I will be cap exempt as my H1B already picked in the lottery?
  3. What do you mean LOP? If you have completed 240 days by which uscis did not come back you have to step out of the country. Else you are out of status. I know attorney can do something and keep you in country and get you back with a decision on h1 application but once you are out of status it will haunt you forever in the future. Uscis office when comes to client visit they want to see your work location, PC . You might be required to explain your daily duties and be ready to even give them a demo. I had to do all these in the past when they came for an audit.
  4. Yes, as long as you use social media for personal use and fun, what's wrong with that? - Many are just scared for no reason?
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