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  1. You want me to include below Employer3 Dec 2015 to Jan 31 2016 Employer 2 feb 2016 to dec 2017 Employer 3 Jan 2018 to till date
  2. Are the dates continuous ? No Employer3 2014 May to 2015 May Dec 2015 to Jan 31 2016 Employer 2 feb 2016 to dec 2017 Employer 3 Jan 2018 to till date
  3. So should I leave previous work exp ? Employer1 ( current ) Employer 2 (previous) Employer 3 (previous) I have 2 two work exp with above employer but different dates and Title ? how should I present in DS- 160 Should I enter employer as current and Employer 2 and employer 3 first work exp in DS- 160 please advice Thanks
  4. Sure , I will request my employer. I am filling DS-160 , but found that previous employment is limited to two entries and cannot add third employment , Is that default behavior ?
  5. To avoid delays, please ensure a notification is sent to the appropriate consulate. what exactly is this ? How should i confirm ? 1. USCIS cover letter ??? 2. Employer Unemployment Reports for the State where you will work ?? please provide inputs for above question. Thanks
  6. Are they issuing more 221g's for first time stamping f1 to H1b ?
  7. Great Info. This is my first time stamping , what are the best locations for first time stamping in Canada ? Any preferred locations ?
  8. Hi Admin, What is the current trend in Vancouver canada ? Did they Issuing more 221g 's ? what is the wait time if 221g issued ? please respond Thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice , What is the longest delay for 221g in Canada ?
  10. consulting. I have all docs except end client letter , we have MSA between end client and vendor and other docs. I work for state client. Recently my amendment got approved. I heard everyone who attended most of them issued 221g India.
  11. Hi friends , I came to USA on 2013 dec , completed masters , H1b started in 2016 I am planning to go F1 to H1B stamping in Vancouver after 6 years of gap, Is it safe to go for stamping in current situation in July month ?? please provide inputs. Thanks Ram
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