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H1B Registration First Day Step-by-Step Process and Experience by an Employer on March 01, 2020



I am sure most of you are wondering how H1B registrations occurred on the first day USCIS opened its doors on March 01, 2020. I would like to share experience of an Employer with the online filing H1B registration system at https://my.uscis.gov on March 01, 2020. The Employer was able to complete the Registration for a few H1B beneficiaries successfully. If you have any experiences, questions or suggestions, please post under comments below.  

Please note: Screenshots adjusted for the brevity of this Article by positioning a few images next to each other.


The well-designed application is simple to use, and here is a step-by-step process of the H1B registration process experience by an Employer.

Step # 1

Logon to https://my.uscis.gov account that was previously created.

After logging into the https://my.uscis.gov account, USCIS sends a mandatory verification code to the email on file or the registered mobile number. Once the system verifies the code, now you are logged into the account. 


Step # 2

It prompts a screen stating, "You have not started a registration" and shows a Blue button to "File a Registration." On this screen, we can also see information on Eligibility, duplicate filing, fee, which is $10.00 per H1B Registration for a beneficiary.




Step # 3

Company Registration

In this step, Company representatives need to enter Company Name, Address, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Authorized person's legal name, title, and contact information (Phone number and email address)


Step # 4

In this step, now you are at the screen where the Employer will enter data about the H1B beneficiary, by clicking "Add beneficiary." 


H1B Beneficiary Registration

The H1B beneficiary form is simple and requires name, details about US education, gender, DOB, Country of Birth, Nationality, and passport number. 


Once a beneficiary's data saved, an employer can add more beneficiaries up to 250 beneficiaries per Registration.



At this point, it is possible to edit or delete any beneficiary data.

Step # 5

On this step, the system prompts the Employer to "Review Registration" for all the beneficiaries.


 Step # 6

On this step, the system indicates the total fee to be paid, which is $10.00 multiplied by the total H1B registrations, which is non-refundable in any case.

The system also shows alerts if there is an issue with any of the H1B registrations. In this case, it is green, and there are no alerts.



Now, the Authorized signatory must accept the terms by checking 2 Boxes and also agree to pay the fee to go the final step.



Step # 7


In this step, the Employer will be able to make the payment using a Checking Account or a Credit card, which redirects to https://pay.gov, which is a US government system.



Once the payment is approved, the system prompts the Employer to view cases with "Go to my cases."

What happens next after clicking the "Go to my cases" button?

The Employer can view all H1B registrations with a unique tracking number known as "Beneficiary confirmation number," which is 19 digits and with no alphabets.


The dashboard shows the beneficiary name, DOB, Beneficiary confirmation number, and "submitted." There is no option to edit after submitted, but the Employer can delete the H1B Registration for a particular beneficiary.


What happens when an H1B registration deleted?

If the Employer made an error and needs to delete an H1B registration, click delete, and the H1B Registration for that particular beneficiary gets deleted. There is no refund of the $10.00 fee in this case. It is interesting to note that USCIS creates a PDF with all the details for that beneficiary, which is available to download by clicking "View Notice."


We realized after clicking the notice that there is a different "Registration number" assigned which is not the same as the "Beneficiary confirmation number,"


The unique Registration number which is of 13 characters, just like a traditional USCIS receipt number and starts with MCTXXXXXXXXXX. I am assuming that each beneficiary will be assigned a Registration Number . Each beneficiary may be subject to a Confirmation, Registration, and a Receipt number during the journey. The actual receipt number will be issued after the physical H1B application is filed and accepted for processing.


What do you think of the H1B registration process? Please post comments with your experiences, questions, or suggestions.




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