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H1B USCIS Site Visit Experience

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Recently I had a surprise visit by an Officer from the USCIS on 08-APR, for a random Audit while I am working at the Client Location.


Recently changed my Employer and filed for H1 extension and got it for 1 year (total 2+ years of validity remaining on H1), Filed for my spouse's H4 extension and waiting on it!


The overall conversation was smooth. Here is a sequence of our interaction and the questions asked (may not be in the same order asked)

I received a call from an unknown number around 11:00 am and it happened to be from the office front desk informing me that there is a visitor. I went there within few minutes, the officer introduced himself, giving his visiting card to prove his identity. I readily offered to help him by giving all the information required.

Here are the questions...

1) Do you have your Paystubs? If yes show me, otherwise send an email. 
2) What is your Salary? 
3) Who monitors your work? 
4) Who will approve your time sheets 
5) Who will give you the tools to perform your job 
6) Where have you get your degree from? Which University and which year? 
7) Since when have you been working for this Client?8) Who was your previous employer ? 
9) Did you get any hikes? 
10) Who monitors your work at client location 
11) His/Her information viz. phone, email etc... 
12) How do you communicate with your employer  
13) How will you send your time sheets and who approves it 
14) Is the job title given by your employer is same at your client location? 
15) are you performing the same duties specified in LCA?

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