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Successful US H1B H4 E3 L1A L1B L2 Visa Stamping in Nuevo Laredo Mexico 2019 2020 Latest Recent Updates Information Interview Questions

Successful H1B visa renewal stamping interview in Nuevo Laredo Mexico — 2019 Latest and Recent updates


Info from candidates experience/ updates from who attended Visa interview in Nuevo Laredo Mexico


Visa dates Booking process :

For US Visa fee payment help for Nuevo Laredo, use this link

Created this post in Questions & Answers format that helps to answer most of the common FAQS you might have that helps for your travel to Nuevo Laredo.

Laredo, Texas (USA) & Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) are border cities.

How can i go to Nuevo Laredo ? Which Airlines fly to Laredo Texas ?

United and American Airlines operate at that Laredo, Texas Airport.

Can i drive my Own Car / Rental Car ? Where can i park my car ?

Few people drove their own cars/ Rental Cars, (Talk to your car Insurance company / Rental Car Company about this). Don’t travel uninformed as if something/ Theft/ Vandalism happens in Mexico to the car, Your car insurance / Rental car Insurance won’t cover if you travel uninformed to them.

Just a note: we got our passports last week on Friday. While coming back to USA, we were stuck in traffic at border crossing for almost 3 hours, And 30 minutes queue for I94, So just be prepared for Friday afternoon traffic.

Mexico driving is bit different from USA. Narrow roads, no speed limits mentioned. Also all traffic signs in Spanish. So if u plan to drive, get familiar with bit of these things.

How much does car insurance cost in Mexico if you are driving all the way there ?

Costs around 60–90$ for 3 days

Info from candidates :

We drove in our own car in March 2019. We parked it in underground garage in hotel which is pretty safe, We walked around everywhere ie ASC, Consulate, grocery shops etc

What if i want to Park my Car at Border & go by CAB from Border to Hotel ?

Yes, you can park at the border.

Info from candidates : My neighbor parked his car at the greyhound bus station on the US & crossed bridge by foot into Mexico & Got CAB to Hotel.

We just came back from Neuvo Laredo this Friday(May 2019), we stayed in BW it is near to ASC and VO, we crossed the bridge by walk did not take car, it should be fine to drive as well. Hotel is good but not much veg options

What is the closest Airport to reach Nuevo Laredo Mexico to reach if i Fly ?

Folks fly to Laredo Texas & Then go to the Laredo, Texas & Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Border by Uber or CAB.


Fly Directly to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Domestic or International Airport to Fly Directly into Nuevo Laredo Mexico“Quetzalcótal International Airport”

Carretera Piedra Negra Km. 5, Francisco Villa, 88020 Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS, Mexico

From Laredo, Texas Air port we can take taxi and go to Nuevo Laredo ?

Yes, you can do that, It’s 15 mins from airport

Will there be any Checks while entering into Mexico ?

There is no check and just u need to pay $3.5 while crossing border

How to get Border Permit while entering into Mexico and from where at Border ?

Mexican Immigration officers at border say you don’t need Border permit at Nuevo Laredo, so don’t worry about it.

Walking over the Bridge to Nuevo Laredo from US Border Information ?

My friend did walking over pedestrian bridge, he saved lot of time instead of waiting in car while crossing the bridge.

For US Visa fee payment help for Nuevo Laredo, use this link

What hotels can i stay (near to US Embassy )?

Best Western Hotel Plus Nuevo Laredo Inn & Suites is near by to US Consulate (within walking distance)

Below is the view of the ASC & Consular office view from Best Western Hotel in Nuevo Laredo.

FYI…Both finger prints and interview are walkable from Hotel

If you need printouts — You can take print out in Hotel…it’s black and white only Or go to Office Depot for Color printouts.

ASC office location Photo


ASC Office Location Just Beside Best Western at Nuevo Laredo

Useful addresses & Hotels address :

Application Service Center Below

Av Álvaro Obregón 3434, Jardín, 88260 Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS, Mexico

Consulate of the United States Of America Below

Avenida Allende 3330, Juárez, 88209 Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS, Mexico

Best Western Plus Nuevo Laredo Inn & Suites Below

Paseo Colón 3333, Jardín, 88260 Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS, Mexico

Domestic or International Airport to Fly Directly into Nuevo Laredo Mexico“Quetzalcótal International Airport”

Carretera Piedra Negra Km. 5, Francisco Villa, 88020 Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS, Mexico

How about Food Options / Hotels near by ?

There is Starbucks and Domnios just opp the BW hotel. Both are accepting USD but change they will give in Mexican dollars.

What is the usual passport pickup time at US consulate after visa interview ?

Same day mostly, Friday’s 2:15pm is the pick up time rest of days its 3:15 pm

How can i travel around if needed ? (Other than ASC / Consular Interviews)

FYI — Uber or Lyft not available, CABS are available everywhere, Check at hotel they can help you. They can talk to taxi in Spanish

How about Power / Electricity — Same as USA plug 🔌 in Mexico hotel ..?

Yes, Mexico has same plugs as USA

Any questions at POE while coming back to USA ?

Don’t worry about port of entry .. it’s smooth process .. In general they won’t ask any different questions other than generic questions

While driving back from Mexico to US, How do you get into I-94 office to get I94 ?

The officers will tell you where to park. They will direct you to I-94 office, They refer I-94 as permit.

Other useful Information :

Install “Google Translate” App in Phone, helpful to translate from English to Spanish & Vice Versa.

I have used my US credit cards without any issue / Just make sure there is no foreign transaction fee / Inform your credit cards customer care / set up travel notice, so your transactions don’t get rejected.

Stayed at best western plus hotel. ASC right opposite. 2 mins walk.

Consulate is 12 minutes walk. Appointment was at 7.45 am. Security etc took 15 mins. They checked DS160, passports and LCA. Kids birth certificates and marriage certificate required. Also passport with previous visa.

We reached actual interview officer @8.20. Normal questions, where is the office, how long u work for this company, nature of work and so on. He asked my wife when we got married and how did she meet me.

Overall 5 mins talk, rest of time he was doing stuff on his computer. Pretty straight forward. And told us that it’s approved and to come back at 2.15

Friday is 2.15, other days it’s 3.15 pm

There is pharmacy near to ASC where u can get milk etc

Grocery stores H E B and hiper are like 12 mins walk on Reforma road

Hotel location is very good. Note that they don’t have fridge or microwave in the rooms

Most locals, including hotels and restaurants and even USA immigration staff were speaking only Spanish.

USA auto insurance does not apply in Mexico. So u may want to get that covered. Ur USA auto insurance company should be able to help with that

Before booking appointments, check Mexico Consulates holiday calendar. We were lucky to get passports same day as interview, else we would have to wait till Tuesday afternoon to get our passports back

Food as well as lot of things are cheaper than USA. Locals are very friendly and helpful.

May 3rd update 2019

Today I attended interview for H1b and below questions asked and approved visa.

First Day: ASC Appointment 
The process will be completed within 5mins.
Required docs: Passport and DS-160

Note: other docs not required for ASC appointment.

Second Day: Consular Interview

First Check: Passport, DS-160 and H1b petition

Second Check: security scan

Next process:

Window 1: They will check for your employer details and your DOB and your home place details.

Window 2: 
Just they will check again above details in their system.

Window 3: Interview with US Consulate


1. Which visa you are applying for and Is it for renewal
2. Which company you are currently working for? And how many years..
3. What is your qualification 
4. Employer letter ( in employer letter they are expecting compensation details)
5. Method of payment (verified pay stubs and bank statements)
6. Job Responsibilities 
7. How many years of experience in IT

Join below facebook support group to see previous H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L1B visa interview questions, Latest 221g, Visa Approvals, Denials information etc.,

May 3rd 2019 :

Hi ,

My visa change of employer approved in Nuevo Laredo.

Questions asked ,

1)job description

2) what do you do for this company as a Technical Architect

3) How long with your previous employer

4) What does your company do ?

5 ) Do you have a client?

6) Asked for Educational Certificate

7) Masters evaluation

8)Employment support letter

9) Asked my wife for marriage certificate

Then scanned my docs for verification.

Said visas are approved and asked to collect passport at 2:15


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hi i have appointment on 17 and 18 of next month can u please help me need some info can i call you please text me at  - seven three two six six six four three one one , i m completely new traveler to  laredo bit worried

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On 6/28/2019 at 4:17 PM, shashi kanth said:

hi i have appointment on 17 and 18 of next month can u please help me need some info can i call you please text me at  - seven three two six six six four three one one , i m completely new traveler to  laredo bit worried

Contact us using this link, 


We can guide you 


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